Patient Lift Slings

Toilet Sling


Soft padding throughout sling. Allows for safe and comfortable chair to toilet transfer. Suitable for patients who generally have good trunk and hip control. Allows patient to be easily brought to a standing position. Elasticated neoprene waist...

Hammock Sling


Can be left under patient, reducing manual handling Non-slip backing will stop sling from moving or bunching up under patient Tested to safe working load of 250kg Excellent back and neck support Available in Polyester only Manufactured in...

Comfort Sling


Excellent back support and comfort. Commode opening with divided legs. For patients who need full body and neck support. Ideal for amputees. Polyester mesh sling is ideal for bathing patient. Available in polyester solid and mesh. Manufactured in...


Pivot Sling & Head Support


ProSling Pivot Sling with Head Support Information The bag is also available in polyester net. This fabric is recommended when the bag remains in place after transport or when material with higher permeability is required air. For the bath and shower...


Yoke Lifter Hoist Sling


ProSling Yoke Lifter Hoist Sling There are various sizes and they include: medium, large and small. The weight capacity of the patients should be up to 205 kilograms/300 kilograms. The product is easy to use and also safe in homes and other...

Patient Lift Slings Australia

Flexibility and movement of a patient is always a concern to care givers. When giving medication or need to go to the bathroom, it becomes a challenge to efficiently move a patient without hurting or worsening their condition. Sometimes, slight movements cause pain. Therefore, handling of patients with respect to movement requires extra caution and expertise. The type of building also defines the way a patient is to be moved. In large story houses, getting a patient to the highest floor for proper diagnosis, probably where important equipment is located becomes a challenge. It is not only hurting and hustle for the patient but also strenuous for the care givers because of body weight. We deliver all our patient lift slings to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

How they work

These medical tools are fitted with wheels and levers for mobility and flexibility in diverse environments. The manufacturers give allowance for carrying any extra loads that is necessary for a patient. Patient lifts lings are convenient on the basis that care givers do not have to make several trips when more loads are required. Patients with oxygen tanks for instance, have to go with the tanks everywhere. This weight lifter does not limit them of any objects or appliances that are crucial to treatment irrespective of the weight.

Lift slings have various components including arm rests and pillows on the handles that ensure a patient is comfortable and secure throughout the process. It can be unfortunate to drop a patient. While this is like all other levers and machines that require greasing and regular maintenance, the levers are fitted with soft fabric to prevent corrosion and enhance flexibility of the arms.


These patient care appliances are made of powder coated aluminum that makes it light to carry from one room to another. The portability allows care givers to use it with multiple patients. Most of the slings are made of suitable material like aluminum on the frames that help with easy cleaning and sterilization in case blood or body fluids are exposed. Besides, lifts lings have vests for mobility training. Also has a height adjustment setting for different environments. The objective is to enhance patient care.