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Universal Scissors


18cm Universal Scissors  Medical trauma universal scissors also known as bandage scissors, angled tip scissors, with a blunt tip on the bottom blade that aids the user in cutting bandages without cutting or scraping the skin. Features a stainless...

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Bandage Scissors


These Bandage Lister Scissors are made from high-grade stainless steel to ensure clean and hygienic performance. The scissors are curved for ease-of-use and feature two safety tips, one rounded off and the other a heavily blunted, to protect patients...

Surgical Scissors Australia

A scissor is irreplaceable in a clinical setting. It is mainly used to remove any interference be it flesh or cloth during a medical procedure. The most common use of scissors is during surgical processes. Also, scissors come in handy for paramedics during emergency cases where resuscitation or related procedure is necessary. On surgical table, you will come across various types of scissors. In fact, there is asset of scissors that differ in size, some extend to become knives. Professionals and specialists in surgery have mastered specific functions of each tool on a surgical table, which is dominated by scissors.

Some patients require shaving on the head or other parts of the body to help in proper treatment. In a hospital or ambulance when there is emergency of sealing a profusely bleeding wound, there is no shaving style. A medic will quickly use the scissors to unevenly cut off your styled hair. Saving lives is a priority here. Most likely you have seen people with infections or wounds on the head healing with a patch. It is the scissors work.


Scissors in the medical field are handled with utmost caution. Sterilization and other advanced techniques of cleaning are used before making another cut. In fact, there is no reusing of this medical equipment. Once a cut is performed on a patient, the scissor is considered used therefore disposed. Body fluids carry bacteria and virus, any exposure to such is risky to healthcare givers and even family around the patient during an emergency. Any cuts performed by a scissor are likely to end p in exposing body fluids hence the extra caution.

Surgical scissors are stainless steel and strong. Some are sharp while others are blunt depending on the intended use.


Scissors are usually pointed and typically sharp. Doctors store them in cases and lock them up in draws. While they are useful and irreplaceable in treatment procedures, they can also cause harm. Scissors are not left within reach of patients. A patient can feel uncomfortable with a fitted tube or bandage and use the scissor to remove it thus interfering with the treatment process.

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