Donut Cushions


Donut Cushion Dual Layer


Ring Cushion Dual Layer is an extremely important aide in lumbar, coccyx, haemorrhoid and tailbone relief. The product is improved with a double layer of foam rubber; for even more genuine support. The features include: a stretch and waterproof cover,...

Donut Cushions Australia

These are meant for physiotherapy. The cushions are designed with a ring shape with a hollow center. They are designed to give you comfort on your body contours. It is mostly made of quality memory foam that will adjust to your weight and reduce pressure on the most vulnerable parts. Others are inflatable to allow you adjust to your preferred size. We deliver all our Donut Cushions to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD) and all other major cities in Australia.

Uses of the Donut Cushions

The cushions are useful especially for patients with a tailbone injury. It helps relieve discomfort in the legs, the pelvic area, and spinal cord by improving the patient’s posture. By influencing your posture, the cushion relieves pressure points and alleviates pain. With a good posture you are able to eliminate restlessness whenever you sit. They are accessibly for online sale on Amazon.

They have a reputation of easing chronic lower back pains. They traditionally help fractured tailbones or injured spines. Today they are also used for both pre-pregnancy and post-delivery conditions. They help mothers to relieve the pressure of haermoorhoid.

Other appropriate users of the donut cushions are patients recovering from surgery or trauma.


The cushions come in either oval or round shapes. These shapes give the perfect fit on any chair you need to sit. You will find comfort on office seats, planes, wheelchairs and couches.

The removable covers are easy to wash. You can use your machine to wash with the rest of the laundry.

The inflated donut pillows allow you to adjust to your preference. You may need to adjust after a long time or according to your body size. Unlike memory foam, the adjustable inflation property saves you the cost of having to acquire a different size. It will save you from running out of breath because of an uncomfortable position. It can also support up to 250 pounds.

The exterior rubber is easy to clean and durable. You will also be free from pressure on your most vulnerable parts.


Due to the sensitivity of the areas needed for support, ensure you proceed advisably after extensive consultation from your doctor. Refrain from making decisions on treatment on your own or relying on friends over medication.