Toilet Seat Risers

Raised Toilet Seats Australia

These are commode seats and they are useful for individuals who may have difficulties with certain postures, may have impairments or those who have limited mobility capabilities. Toilet seat risers provide an area that’s comfortable for the user to sit on with a firm support that locks it to the commode. Some models are made slightly different with railings to enhance support for users to move to and from the commode. We deliver all our toilet seat risers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Bathroom and Raised Toilet Seats

First of all, the orientation of the bathroom is very friendly for users. It is very wide and has firm support and railings to ensure the users can use the facility with least strain and pain. The bars are light weight, firm and are adjustable by the users. The floors in a bathroom used by these special people are made in designs that ensure slip resistance and this keeps the person on the sit even when at rest. The risers are usually placed at a reachable level so that even young ones with challenges can use the facility without much struggle. They also do no go beyond 5 inches wide. Also, the bathroom for these users is fixed with optional fixed handles for more support when the person is either raising from the seat or sitting down.

Important topics about the future

We are living in an age when bathrooms are more modern in public places than they were in the times past. Grateful, but we must ask ourselves more curious questions like, what happens if I have to host two elderly people in my home for a year. It is a fact that everyone is a potential user of this facility, The only thing that is keeping us away is maybe we haven’t been victims of serious injuries that need us to suddenly change from using a common washroom to one that I require extra care. This calls for private homes having at least one modern bathroom that is friendly to be used by an elderly person or persons with low mobility issues. It is time we changed from waiting to fix these special apparatus in the washrooms to thinkers of the future and preparing for it as well. One thing we should thank ourselves for today though, is the fact that there is a provided way to buy this facilities online because nobody wants to go announcing that they need to be supported on such personal issues in a bathroom regardless if age.