Peak Flow Meter


Galemed Peak Flow Meter Peak Flow Meter is a simple and inexpensive medical device that can be used to manage asthma. The meter is designed to measure air flow, identifying peak air flow as you exhale. The Peak Flow Meter is important to help a...

Disposable Nose Clip 100Pk


Disposable Nose Clips 100Pk are foam padded and disposable. They are designed for patient comfort and seal on the nose easily. Disposable Nose Clips 100Pk come in a convenient bulk pack of 100 nose plugs. They fit comfortably while maintaining a seal...

Spirometry Australia

This is crucial in establishing air circulation in the body. If there is any deficiency in this regard, lungs are culprits. This is why there are medical appliances to establish functionality of the lungs. A spirometry is an electric powered machine that a patient breathes in to measure the amount of speed going in and out of the body. Few seconds of breath hesitation causes significant effects to the body of an individual. There is no compromise when it comes to the amount, speed, and consistency of air flow. While other elements of the body are equally important, lungs functionality is incomparable. Therefore, a spirometry test is taken to establish air flow in and out of the lungs. We deliver all our Spirometry  to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

What it tests

By establishing the speed and amount of air in and out of the body, a spirometry is used to diagnoses asthma, COPD, and other lung infections. There is a standard level and speed that you specialists expect the body of a human being to operate in; any extremes mean there is a problem with the lungs. Insufficient air in the body can affect the brain. Actually, the brain needs air to coordinate all other activities of the body including the nerves. Insufficiency due to lung infections can lead to elements of amnesia and dizziness. While these alone cannot indicate issues with air circulation, consistency in either of them warrants a spirometry test.

How it works

The procedure is simple. The machine has two clips and a mask. The two clips are placed on the two nostrils to block air circulation through the nose then the mouth is covered by the mask. it is a quick process that requires you to relax for consistency in results. Just like any diagnosis, doctors would require calmness and cooperation because there is no lab test on air; it all depends on what the spirometry will output.

After the nose and mouth are covered, the doctor will require the patient to breath in and out and record results displayed by the spirometry. The spirometry has to be well powered to display accurate results. Breathe in-out process is done at least three times for consistency in results.