Wheelchair Accessories

Oxygen Tank Holder Bag


Oxygen Tank Holder Bag The adjustable straps can also be adjusted to sit the bag off centre so not to interfere with a persons head position. Ableware oxygen tank holder for wheelchairs, is easy to use, very durable and comes in black offering a...

Wheelchair Back Protector


Buy Wheelchair Back Protector Online Perfect for both nursing homes and home care use.  When more structured supports are not required, this faux sheepskin back protector provides a unique combination of a secure cushiony softness, increased air...

Wheelchair accessories Australia

Majority of the population at some point in life will need the help of a wheelchair. You may detest it as it depicts a very immobile and helpless person in need but you are likely to require it at least once in your life. It could be due to age, medical complications such as surgery of simply leg injury. There are some who completely lose their ability to walk but most only need it temporarily. Despite the reason for immobility, no one wants to be grounded from having to continue with their daily routine. Wheelchairs are therefore, designed to help you remain independent.

Wheelchair Designs

There are a wide variety of problems that lead to the need for a wheelchair. Consequently, there are a variety of wheelchair options designed for different type of patients. For example, there are wheelchairs meant to help with comfort while are others help a patient move. Some accessory wheelchairs are designed solely for practicality.

Accessory desks for use as tables for food or your laptop and other reading material are attached to the wheelchair. Patients who are expected to use the equipment for a long time are the beneficiaries of these practical wheelchairs. Other wheelchairs are equipped to hold critical mobility like a walking cane. Umbrellas are also fixable to some wheelchairs for practicality. They will serve a patient who spends their time outdoors facing weather hazards. These are some of the attachments that make a wheelchair more than just a medical equipment to sit in.


Wheelchairs come with different additions for support. For example waste collection bags are very vital for the elderly or patients with incontinence. To offer extra comfort, pads are installed for the back part of the wheelchair. Some wheelchairs have specially designed arm support to reduce the risk of falling while disembarking the wheelchair. IV poles behind the wheelchair are handlebars used by medical specialist to help transport the patient. Medical supplies may be attached to these extended poles to allow for medication.

Wheelchairs are meant to make the life of a patient easier. There are many other customised attachments for different needs with the same purpose. The priority is mobility and convenience but entertainment is also considered as a major requirement for patients. Find an appropriate choice for your loved one.

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