6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Diagnostic Devices

1st Sep 2018

6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Diagnostic Devices

Choosing the right diagnostic devices for your diagnostic laboratory or hospital can pose as a serious challenge, most especially if you have little or no information on how to go about it. The market is inundated with a lot of fraudsters who are out to defraud you of your hard earned money when purchasing diagnostic devices and hence, the need to very careful while purchasing the diagnostic devices.

In order to purchase the best diagnostic devices for your laboratory or hospital, here are 6 factors to put under due consideration.

1. Price

This is one of the major concerns you should take to heart when purchasing a diagnostic device. By price, we mean the overall amount of money it will cost to install, run and maintain the diagnostic equipment. Other items to be considered under this factor should include; the cost of consumables and replacement parts, the price of the device in comparison with its competition in the market, and a side by side comparison of the model with the previous ones. You need to know if the equipment is worth every penny you pay for it.

2. Service Contract:

Make sure you know the total length of the warranty the manufacturer is willing to grant you. Purchase only diagnostic devices with warranties. The period of warranty differs from one manufacturer to the other. Also consider the terms of service and what it may cost you. Know the nature of the contract (i.e., is it for a short or long term?). Make sure you are okay with the terms and conditions of the company before purchasing their product.

3. Availability of Parts & Consumables

Before purchasing any diagnostic device, you need to know if the machine parts and consumables are readily available or not. This will save you the stress of having to look for parts when the machine breaks down.

4. Technical Support & System Updates

This deals with the access to customer support and system upgrades when the need arises. Purchase only diagnostic devices in which you can easily gain access to customer support so as to assist you solve some particular problems relating to the functioning of your medical device. The support should be accessible on all platforms.

5. End-Users

The skill level of the operating personnel should also be taken into due consideration unless you are interested in sending them to a seminar or workshop where they can learn how to use the new devices. You need to know if the end user will require a form of training before using the diagnostic device or not. It is advisable to purchase diagnostic devices that can be used by your operators or you can send them to a workshop to that effect.

6. Usage

How often are you willing to use the machine before purchasing a new one? The answer to this question will give you the right guide on the best type of diagnostic device to purchase.

Kindly read our article on how to take care of medical devices for more information on how you can manage your medical devices. You can also contact our customer care support if you have any questions.