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Marine Kit Small


Marine Kit Small The Model Marine - Small is recommended for: Recreational Watercraft Vehicles Case: Water resistant hard wearing. Wall bracket for optional wall mount. Neoprene seal for protection Fold open for easy access Italian...

First Aid Distributions

Model 12 First aid Kit Bumbag


Bumbag First Aid Kits Buy online and receive fully packed portable first aid kits No longer are bumbags considered daggy - the ultimate in convenience and portability, buy bumbag first aid kits online from First Aid Distributions today and...

First Aid Distributions

Model 9 Backpack First Aid Kit


Backpack first aid kits offer a unique portability that makes them perfect for sports, public events, and other organised proceedings where groups of people may be gathering. It gives first aid providers the ability to move freely throughout crowds while...

First Aid Distributions

Snakebite Kit


Snakebite Kit The perfect snakebite solution, designed for any scenario. Includes: 1 x durable pouch with belt loops for easy attachment to your belt. 3 x Heavy Crepe Bandage 7.5cm 1 x 5cm x 5cm Non Adhesive Dressing 1 x Instruction Sheet